Mexico-inspired Bridal Shower

It was a fun night of margaritas, salsa dancing and Sherwood Park.

Back in November, I created a dessert table for the bridal shower of a friend.The lovely couple was getting married on the sunny and beautiful Mayan Riviera, so the event theme was Mexico. I wanted to create a table that not only works with the Mexican theme, but also captures the bride's personality and style. She is lively, joyful and energetic. Inspired by the vibrant colours of the Mexican architecture, the joy of the sun and the calming beauty of water, I came up with the blue and yellow combination. I really think that the lace added some glamour and pizazz to the overall look. We served: lemon bars, mini tiramisu, chocolate cupcakes, and truffles.

The bridesmaids putted together the appetizers table which had a traditional Mexican look. I just love the idea of using sombreros as party plates for the tortilla chips.
The bride, who is by the way, a super talented photographer, captured the night in all its beauty. She keeps on amazing me with her work. Check out Joyful Emotion to view her portfolio.


  1. Really gorgeous color combinationa and I love the turqouise lace!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for showing some love, Brittany:)