My Birthday Party

Last sunday was by birthday and I celebrated this special occasion with friends and family. I am so lucky to have such great people in my life. Here is a snapshot of the table and the Dulce De Leche cheesecake I made. The colours were thoroughly chosen to reflect my bubbly personality and my obsession with pink.

Marie Antoinette Decadence - French Inspired Event Decor

Feathers, shoes and cakes - the three essential ingredients for a Marie Antoinette inspired party. Rococo is probably the best thing that happened to France beside the invention of macarons and Coco Chanel. Reflecting excess and extravagance through lavish decor and sweet decadence, dripping in luxurious linens, towering flowers and diamonds, this event theme is truly captivating. I totally approve the Marie Antoinette style event magic!

A close friend asked me to help her plan her post wedding party as she and her husband got married overseas. The couple met in France, so the event theme was a no-brainer. I wanted to look for some inspiration and share these fabulous ideas with you. 

Image via Jennifer Skog Photography

Image via Vanity Fair

Image via Jennifer Skog Photography

Image via Jennifer Skog Photography

Image via Jennifer Skog Photography

Dessert Table via Amy Atlas Blog

Image via Amy Atlas Blog
Table Decor via Amy Atlas Blog

Dessert Table by Bobbette and Bell via Amy Atlas Blog
Dessert Table by Bobbette and Bell via Amy Atlas Blog

Room Decor by Bobbette and Bell via Amy Atlas Blog

Room Decor by Bobbette and Bell via Amy Atlas Blog

Dessert Table on a budget via Bride Scouts
Image via Escapa de events

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to think about everything for which I am grateful  - to have a husband who is so good to me, two healthy and beautiful children who bring so much joy in my life, my incredible family here and abroad, and the best friends in the world. I am thankful for my work and that I enjoy it so much. I am also grateful for you, the people who read my blog. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

A Fairytale Wedding

This post is very dear to me. And it's not because this absolutely gorgeous wedding took place in my homeland Bulgaria or because the bride is a very close friend, but simply because I find it so unique and dreamy and full with personality. 
The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and the wedding dress by the Bulgarian designer Nevena Nikolova is simply stunning. I am in love with this new chic trend of adding vibrant accents and embellishments to wedding dresses- it makes the dress more dramatic and flattering and allows the bride to stand out.

My blog posts usually focus on the event decor and the creative vision. However, there is another dimension to an event that is just as important - the joy and the emotions. There is something really magical about this photo shoot - the colours, the textures, the composition and the way the photographer captured their bubbly personalities.The girl behind the lenses is Irina Kuneva. I came across Irina's photography through facebook, and I absolutely love her work.  If you are planning a destination wedding in Europe, she is your gal. You can view her portfolio here. Congrats to Ralitza + Galin. Love you, guys.

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Autumn Splendor

There are so many things I like about Thanksgiving - the long hours in the kitchen,  the gourmet feast, the sweet family chatter, and the shared opportunity to express gratitude for the good things in our lives. For me it is also the official kickoff of the fall/winter social season. 

Fall decorating offers a welcome bridge between the colours of summer and the jewel tones of the holiday season. Transforming your dining table with the colours and textures of autumn is  easy and fun - just incorporate the elements of nature: wooden branches, roses with the colour of fallen leaves, pumpkins and pine cons. 

The tradition demands that the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving feast be a perfectly roasted turkey, surrounded by carrots, baked potatoes, and homemade dinner rolls. If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner and you are not sure what to cook, this is the one-stop resource for you. Delish shares the best-of-the best recipes that wowed the judges in Quick & Simple's Thanksgiving recipe contests. 

Here are some fabulous  event ideas to set your Thanksgiving mood.  Happy Entertaining!

Lovely autumn-inspired tablescape via Porter House Designs
Lovely autumn-inspired tablescape via Porter House Designs

Lovely autumn-inspired tablescape via Porter House Designs
Autumn-inspired cake via The Finishing Touches

Fabulous autumn-inspired decor by Preston Bailey
Autumn-inspired floral centrepiece via The Finishing Touches
Autumn cupcakes via Savoy Truffle and Cake
Autumn cupcakes via Savoy Truffle and Cake
Desserts by Amy Atlas