Sweet Heaven

Dessert buffet tables are a growing trend at receptions, and I wanted to share these beautiful sweet creations by the award-winning cake studio Bobbette & Bell (formerly Allyson Meredith Cakes) based in Toronto. Their work is inspiring and breathtaking. The level of detail is amazing.
Dessert tables make a statement, they tell a story about your event. If you are having a special occasion coming up - bridal or baby shower, birthday party, anniversary etc. impress your guests by creating your very own dessert table. Here are some tips and resources that may be helpful.

1. Find a location that is away from the main buffet
2. Find something that inspires you and design your table around it. This could be a party invitation, a party theme, piece of art or even a fabric.
3. Dress up your table. Select linens or fabrics that complement your event look and feel.
4. Create a backdrop for the table. Having a colourful backdrop will add some depth and richness and will make your desserts stand out. A gift wrapping paper that ties in with the sweets on the table could be mounted as a backdrop - the patterns and the colour schemes in the craft stores are endless, just find something that reflects your design vision.
5. Presentation is key. Select vessels, cake stands, glass bowls and containers in different shapes and sizes. Creating visual layers is essential while keeping all elements (vessels and colours) consistent. This could be accomplished by using boxes covered with the gift wrapping paper (within your colour scheme) to elevate the sweets. Use ribbons, broaches, feathers or flowers to finish the decor. You could also incorporate your favour boxes into the design.
6. Select a menu. Choose only bite size sweets: macarons, mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, cake balls, tarts, petit fours, etc. Bakerella has some amazing recipes for dessert tables, so take a look. Put your most outstanding sweet creation as a centerpiece. This could be a tiered cake, a cupcake tower, a big floral centerpiece or even towel or diaper cake (if you are planning a bridal or baby shower)
7. Place personalized menu cards. Many dessert stylists use cards to label the sweets on the table as part of their decor. There are many etsy sellers that could design and produce all cupcake wrappers, toppers, cards to match your colour scheme or theme for a really reasonable price. You can buy the final printed product or you can buy just the designed PDF and print it yourself. I also came across this local studio PinkPolka Wedding Design that specializes in event stationery here in Edmonton. Martha Stewart also offers some great and free templates for menu cards that you could use.

Look for some ideas on the Amy Atlas blog - she is certainly one of the best dessert stylists in the world and her tables are mesmerizing, stylish and executed to perfection. Below are some images of her works that you could use for inspiration. It is breathtaking, isn't it?

{Photo credits: Dessert Tables by Amy Atlas}

Here is a video of Amy Atlas providing some advise on how you can create your very own dessert table.

Keep you eyes peeled for more dessert table ideas. I am trying to source some local creations as well, so if you have some great pictures, give me a shout. I will be happy to feature them.

Passion for Purple

Today's inspiration colour is purple. Purple is a deep rich and romantic colour and is also associated with prosperity, wealth and power. Purple can be warm and cool depending on the colours it's combined with. Light purples are soft, delicate and evoke more romantic feelings. A more dramatic feel can be conveyed using dark purples with a soft grey, which seems to be quite popular these days in the wedding world. There are a lot of purple flowers that you could choose for centerpieces - lilac, lavender, pansies, and orchids. All shades of purple - from lavender to eggplant will help elevate your event into a chic and royal affair. So next time you are planning an event, consider purple - it will add some drama and energy to your event space.

{Photo credits starting from the top left: photo by Corrie Cond, cupcake wrapper, invitation by East Six, image via http://creativeinfluences.blogspot.com, photo by Corrie Cond, dessert table by Amy Atlas, photo by Corrie Cond, bouquet by etsy seller Southern Girl Weddings, tablescape via www.maharaniweddings.com , wedding favours by Martha Stewart Weddings}

Vintage Couture

There is something really romantic and nostalgic about vintage inspired parties and weddings. I just love the 1940-50s Glam. Here is a dream palette infused with this timeless, classic, vintage beauty.

{photo credits: top board from left to right - tablescape, setting, bride, dress, flowers, cupcake wrappers, cake, favours, invitation}

Last Minute Gifts for Father's Day

Father's day is only 5 days away...and I am feeling the pressure. There are so many ordinary products that are advertised and pitched as things "Dad secretly wants and needs" - from cool gadgets to unique work tools...things that I usually get him for Christmas or his birthday. I personally like homemade gifts and cards from the heart, because they add a personal touch to gift giving. The truth is they do take time, creativity and effort.
So for all of you who like to procrastinate like me, here are some cute and super easy ideas:

1. Photo Book (Daddy and I)
Compile your best family photos of dad and the kids into a photo book. There are many companies that offer this service. Kodak Gallery has many great templates and it takes only 20 min. to put it together. However, the final product will be delivered within 3-4 days of receiving your order. Plus the prices are amazing - pocket size photo book starts at $9.99.

2. Homemade Gift Basket
Buy things that Dad loves (BBQ sauce, jar of spices,etc.) and compile a gift basket within minutes. You can also personalize some of the items. I found these great templates on the Martha Stewart website that you can print at home. See picture above. Use a whole self adhesive sheet for the labels.

3. Sweet Thoughts Jar
I found this cute idea on the "Love actually" blog. By a big jar and fill with small - size candy bars inside, each wrapped with some "sweet thoughts/ cute messages for Dad.

4. Fortunate to have you, Dad
Fill a Chinese takeout box (which you can find in any crafts store like Michaels or even Dollarama) with fortune cookies. Put a label on it " We are so fortunate to have you, Dad!"Each fortunate cookie can have your own personalized messages - for example things that you love about Dad or cute quotes. You can find the cookies in almost every grocery store. But if you want to go the extra mile, you could also order your customized cookies here.

{Photo credits: top image: Kodak Gallery, photo collage, top row left to right : Love actually blog, Martha Stewart, My own cookie}