L'amour, l'amour - vintage style sweet table for Valentine's day

Valentine's day is just around the corner so I wanted to share this vintage style sweet table that I created today. To create the backdrop, I used pages from an old book. I imprinted the hearts and the letters on the pages and glue them to a foam board. It was super easy to make and I think this would be a great idea for a vintage style wedding. You could imprint anything - the names of the bride and the groom, the date of the wedding, special message, etc. I accomplished the vintage look and feel by using burlap, mason jars and bottles, and vintage lace accents. The sweet table featured: lemon merengue cake, shortbread cookies, salted caramel macarons, chocolates on a stick, L'amour macaron (oversized raspberry macaron with creamy filling and raspberries - I swear this was the most delicious thing I've ever had), candy, mini s'mores and pink lemonade. Hope this lovely spread will inspire you to create something wonderful for your special ones on Valentine's day. 

Pretty in White

Bright, simple, clean and classic - there is something magical about white spaces.  White linens, yarn balls, white ceramics and lace ornaments make the living spaces dreamy, amazing and inspiring. Dreamy whites paired with repurposed and worn furniture is a poetic and beautiful combination that creates an enchanting decorating scene. Take a look at these dreamy whites.

Source: centsationalgirl.com via Vania on Pinterest
Source: flickr.com via Vania on Pinterest

Source: google.ca via Vania on Pinterest

"Whiskey, Chocolate and Cigars" Sweet Table for Gentlemen

"If I cannot drink Bourbon and smoke cigars in Heaven than I shall not go"
 – Mark Twain

It's been such a busy Holiday season and I have to admit I fell of the blogging wagon.  I am back in the saddle and ready to share some exciting parties and entertaining ideas. Let's start the new year with some "Whiskey, Chocolate and Cigars". The sweet table below was in honour of my sweet husband and my brother in law's birthday. Both of them are Christmas  babies and their birthdays are always getting overshadowed by the Christmas euphoria. So this year I decided to do something special for them. I wanted to create a sweet table that has a masculine feel and an old world charm. I wanted to keep it clean and simple. Burlap tablecloth, acorns, rustic ornaments and leather accents really added a unique, classy and old fashioned flair to the party. The cigar box in the centre was the birthday cake. I am not kidding...people thought that it was a real humidor.