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I am fairly new to the blog community, so I am very grateful for the support of three fantastic bloggers who featured my old-world party on their websites this month. My sincere thanks go to Jeni from Etown Brides, Susan from Entertain Exchange, and Jillian from Catch My PartyBe sure to check out their fabulous blogs!

Let them eat cheese!

A pretty and classy  cheese table can be a fabulous alternative for the traditional dessert buffet. The concept is the same and the presentation is similar - just display and arrange assorted artisan cheese rounds on cake stands or do a mini cheese ball tower. Add baguettes and pretzels, grapes or pears, honey and dips and VoilĂ !  The organic and rustic feel can be accomplished by using old and vintage furniture, cheese cloth to cover the table, and wooden cutting boards to display the cheese.  And of course, don't forget to pair this cheese goodness with a fabulous wine!  
I was also able to source these fabulous labels  - just print, fill in the names of the cheeses you are displaying, cut the label, glue it onto a toothpick, and place on top of each cheese. If you want to be even "cheesier" - I found the perfect invitation for this type of  party. Print this template onto a piece of yellow or orange card stock, fill in the specifics, punch out some Swiss holes, and mail. Cathe Holden from "Just Something I made" blog created a banner from vintage cheese labels which may function as a nice backdrop for your cheese table.

(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)

(Image via Style Me Pretty)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)

(Image via Norbiton Cheese in UK)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)
(Images via Sunday Suppers blog)

(Image by Peak Photography in Banff via Peak Photography blog)

Paris, je t'aime!!!

This gorgeous event comes from the beautiful, sunny California and it is full with originality, creativity and style. Inspired by their trip to the city of love, Trista and Doug decided to have a Parisian theme celebration for their 5th wedding anniversary.  I love the couture feel and  the way they've captured the beauty and the romance of Paris in the event decor and design. Soft pink mixed with the classic black and white really adds Parisian flair to the tablescape. Every detail is so frenchy and chic. I am enchanted...

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{Credits: Images via Trista Lerit Photogrpahy}

Old-world goodness in a modern world.

I am so drawn to the timeless and romantic look of old-world materials and things - things that are vintage, aged and distressed. Inspired by the Roman look of our gazebo and outdoor fireplace, I decided to gather all of my vintage stuff and put together this old-world sweetness for my family. Served French-inspired treats -  lavender and salted caramel macarons, chocolate chip meringues, French Florentines, chocolates, strawberry marshmallows and Danish cake - all prepared by my favourite bakeshop in town - the Duchess.

Swedish Beauty

Despite originating centuries ago, the Swedish Gustavian style is still quite popular today. It usually features white painted old looking furnishings set against a very light interior background . The name of the style comes from King Gustav III who ruled Sweden in the late 18th century. He was an avid fan of the neoclassical style and french art.

If you are going for the Swedish look for your special event, I have one word for you – white! Okay, maybe not literally everything white – that might get pretty boring and blank. But keeping the supporting hues light is really important. Very light greys and off whites, soft blues, and greens are typical of this style. Incorporate into the design old distressed furniture and other antiques like frames and books but keep in mind that  the overall finished look should be very light, airy and elegant. I came across these beautiful wedding dresses designed by Carlo Pignatelli for summer 2010 that go just perfect with the theme. The dessert table with a "Swedish flair" was designed by our Canadian Caketress - Lori Hutchinson. I love the way she used jewelry boxes to display the macarons and the cupcakes. Just brilliant.

{Photo credits: Interior images via Swedish Interior Design, Dresses via Wedding Inspirasi, dessert table by the Caketress}