"Oh Boy" Baby Shower

I am one of those people who love everything about babies. I mean, isn't everything baby just so adorable? I love their innocent eyes, curious expressions, the smiles and the chubby cheeks. I have to say that planning baby showers is probably one of my favourite event planning activities. My neighbour and a close friend had her third baby in March. After having two girlrs, she was so happy to welcome to the world her miracle baby boy. She asked me to do the dessert table for her baby shower. When I asked her about  the event theme, her answer was "Simplicity". I wasn't surprised - she is a little bit shy, quiet and modest, so I knew that "simplicity" and "natural elegance" would be the best way to describe her dream dessert table. 

The colours we chose were beige, chocolate brown and light blue.  It was very important for me to incorporate her beautiful baby boy to the design, so I took a couple of black and white photos of little Kevin the week before the event. We wanted the table to look less feminine, so we decided to use manzanita branches instead of flowers. I wanted to place a few blue birds on the branches, but unfortunately,  I forgot them at home (by the way I was really mad about it). We served: Swiss Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache, salted caramel macarons, florentines, pretzel turtles, oreo pops and mini blackberry trifles. The cake was super easy to make and incredibly delicious, so for all chocolate lovers out there, here is the award-winning recipe. Bon App├ętit!