Bulgarian Rhapsody

As a person, who crossed borders several times, I consistently experience nostalgia for home. I miss the air, the food, the music, the people.  I miss walking for hours everyday and staring at the local boutiques.I miss the endless coffee chats with friends, the corner stores, and noise on the streets. At home, everything feels and taste better. I wonder sometimes if I am nostalgic about home or just nostalgic about the past. I came across this extremely talented Bulgarian photographer Irina Kuneva who captured so beautifully the spirit of Bulgaria - the way I remember it - beautiful, ancient, peaceful, and fun. I just love the retro feel.


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  4. No doubt pictures are photographed amazingly and i just loved watching them , After looking at the pictures I made my mind to go Bulgaria , Its just amazing, but yes its awesome to be in your homeland

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