Sweet Table Contest: First Submissions from Canada

I am very excited to share the first three submissions from Canada to the International Sweet Table Contest, sponsored by A Little Treasure. Way to go, Saskatoon and Halifax! We love your sweet spirit and creativity.

1. Pinkalicious Sweet Table
This dessert table was inspired by the adorable children's book Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann - a story about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she wakes up the next morning with pink skin and hair.  Victoria designed this whimsical dessert table for her 4 year old daughter who loves the story. The custom backdrop was inspired by the floral gardens depicted in the book.  The sweet delights included sugar cookies, cupcakes, marshmallow pops, lollipops, pink lemonade, candy coated pretzels and strawberries. We love your "girly, frilly and bright" design, Victoria. Good luck!
Pinkalicious sweet table by Victoria L. from Saskatoon. Click here for more photos

2. Pixie Hollow Sweet Table
If I have to describe the next sweet table with one word, that would be "Magical". For her daughter's 6th birthday, Candace recreated Pixie Hollow - the magical land of secrets and visual splendor where Fairies live. From the sweet merengue mushrooms and the enchanted cookies to the honey sticks and fairy wands, this lovely sweet table is everything a fairy party should be - magical, elegant and playful . One crafty and creative mama you are, Candace! Good luck in the contest!
"Pixie Hollow" Sweet Table by Candace M. from Saskatoon Click here for more photos

3. Parisian Sweet Table
What comes to mind when you think of art, sweets, poodles and jewellery. Paris of course. This elegant sweet table was designed by Ceilidh S. from Halifax, who loves everything French. Her mother hosted a Stella & Dot party and Ceilidh thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy some French delights. The sweets included mini rosette cupcakes, Eiffel Tower sugar cookies and a cake. With this fabulous spread, I bet her mom sold a lot of jewellery. Good luck!

Parisian Sweet Table by Ceilidh S from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Click here for more photos

I hope this post inspires you to submit your sweet creations. I am looking forward to showcasing your talents. It is easy pizy. Take one picture of your dessert table and send it to vasenova@hotmail.com by December 9 with a link to the rest of your pictures.



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