Retro Circus Birthday Party

Well, this was FUN- putting together a circus themed party for my son's second birthday. This event planning experience brought me back to time when the "Circus was in Town". I  grew up is a small town in Eastern Europe, and I still remember the excitement of hearing the circus trucks honking their horns and letting us know that the greatest show on Earth is coming to our little town. Cotton candy and candy apples were the best treat for me and my friends! 
As a kid, this was a very special time for me, so I wanted to create a dessert table that is fun and playful and captures the nostalgic look and feel of that era.
I bought a really cute printable birthday package from Dimple Prints via Etsy that I used throughout the party. For the invitation, I filled ziploc bags with coloured gumballs and placed the invitation details on the wrapping. Amanda from Bluebird Cakes designed this incredible circus cake and the elephant cookies to match the printables.  The details on the cake and the cookies were unbelievable. I also served: popcorn, candy apples, oreo pops, candy and white chocolate covered strawberries. I found the inflatable Bozo (The World's most famous clown from 1960s) and the matching money banks in Winners. They matched my colours so well. We played different carnival games and I think everyone had a great time, especially me! 

Here are some photos from the party.

Retro Circus Dessert Table
The birthday boy and the amazing cake
Sugar cookies by Bluebird Cakes

Party favors and chair's decorations
Photo time!

The invitation and the printable package
Proud sister of the birthday boy. I love the top hat:)


  1. Great JOB. Love it. Thanks, Carli

  2. So cute and playful!All the sweets look absolutely amazing.

  3. Wow. Great job! This looks like so much fun. I love your daughter's works perfectly with the circus theme.

  4. Lovely party you've got here! The party looks fun and wonderful! But if you were trying to set up the table, I recommend spandex table covers for the party co'z it will create a modern and sophisticated look for any event. Adding some rubber snakes along with the cactuses or some ornamental plants will also give a very extraordinary result.