Passion for Purple

Today's inspiration colour is purple. Purple is a deep rich and romantic colour and is also associated with prosperity, wealth and power. Purple can be warm and cool depending on the colours it's combined with. Light purples are soft, delicate and evoke more romantic feelings. A more dramatic feel can be conveyed using dark purples with a soft grey, which seems to be quite popular these days in the wedding world. There are a lot of purple flowers that you could choose for centerpieces - lilac, lavender, pansies, and orchids. All shades of purple - from lavender to eggplant will help elevate your event into a chic and royal affair. So next time you are planning an event, consider purple - it will add some drama and energy to your event space.

{Photo credits starting from the top left: photo by Corrie Cond, cupcake wrapper, invitation by East Six, image via, photo by Corrie Cond, dessert table by Amy Atlas, photo by Corrie Cond, bouquet by etsy seller Southern Girl Weddings, tablescape via , wedding favours by Martha Stewart Weddings}

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